Need An Emergency Dentist? Call Our Dental Clinic in Marrero

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Are you having an issue with your teeth? Need an emergency dentist in Marrero to look at your cracked tooth, broken braces, or infected teeth? Exceptional Dental of Louisiana has not one but two offices in Marrero that are capable of handling issues best left to an emergency dentist.

Emergency Dentist in Marrero

Exceptional Dental of Louisiana has two dental clinics in Marrero, both of which have the capability and experience to deal with emergency issues like this. We have devoted significant resources to ensuring that we are able to help every single patient who walks through our doors or makes an appointment.

Dental Clinic With Professional Experience

At Exceptional Dental we know how important it is to try to give every patient a pleasant experience. Dentist offices are not places people want to go, because they scare some, intimidate others, or just give an impression of poor customer service. Our staff work to not only improve your smile, but to give you cause to use it!

Availability When You Need It

Our Marrero dental clinic offices have resolved to be available when our patients most need them. That means you can get same-day appointments at our dental clinics and Saturday appointments. If you have an emergency dental issue on Friday night, you should not have to wait until Monday morning or afternoon. We know that a dental emergency is…an emergency! You need help as soon as possible, not three days later.

Contact The Affordable Emergency Dentist in Marrero

Exceptional Dental of Louisiana has two offices in Marrero, both of which are capable of handling emergency dentist issues. Our two offices are located on Avenue G and Ames Boulevard, respectively. If you need to go to the Ames Boulevard dental clinic, call (504) 340-9696 or email us. If the Avenue G office is more convenient, call (504) 341-5200 or email us.