Marrero Emergency Dentist & Dental Clinic Offers Quality

Marrero Emergency Dentist Office, Dental Clinic Marrero

When you need an emergency dentist or dental clinic, there is no getting around the issue. You need to solve issues with teeth as quickly as possible, as they can cause very real, traumatic, pain. Exceptional Dental of Louisiana has offices all over the greater New Orleans area, but we have two dental clinics locations conveniently in Marrero, Louisiana.

Marrero Emergency Dentist Office

Our Marrero dental clinic offers emergency services to patients in need because we know that emergency dentistry issues cannot wait. Our office handles these emergency issues on a consistent basis because we have become known as an area expert on cracked teeth, sore teeth, broken brace wires, and tooth infections, among other problems.

The Quality of Our Offices

We have maintained a dedication to delivering high quality services at all times to our patients. We aim to provide clear, concise communication with patients so that they understand what is going to be done, how much it is going to cost, and what the next steps are in the process. This avoids any issues from developing and helps patients to feel more comfortable with the overall experience.

Two Offices, One Mission

We have two offices in Marrero itself, both capable of dealing with emergency dental issues. No matter where you are in Marrero, there is an Exceptional Dental of Louisiana office within a few minutes drive. Our offices are located on Avenue G and Ames Boulevard, respectively. Both of these offices are staffed by experienced, professional individuals who want nothing more than to make patients more comfortable with, and more proud of, their smiles.

Contacting A Marrero Dental Clinic

If you want to go to the Exceptional Dental office on Ames Boulevard, call (504) 340-9696 or email us. If you’re looking to go to the Avenue G location, call (504) 341-5200 or email us.