Sedation Dentistry

A woman relaxing | Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry can make visiting the dentist a more comfortable experience. The team at Exceptional Dental understands that many people fear going to the dentist, which is why they offer oral sedation. Oral sedation via a small pill is the most common method used in the United States to calm a patient’s fears. This creates a more comfortable experience and a lot of patients don’t even remember the visit.

Intravenous conscious sedation (IV sedation) is when a drug is administered into the blood system during dental treatment through an IV port. With IV sedation, we can more precisely adjust the level of sedation as needed by the patient. This is professionally monitored in our office by a physician anesthesiologist or certified nurse anesthetist.

A number of benefits are associated with sedation. This includes allowing a patient to be relaxed and comfortable during extensive or lengthy dental work. Plus, it can reduce the number of appointments necessary—often to as little as one or two visits—as more work can be completed during each visit.

With oral sedation, the side effects are minimal and can actually be beneficial to the patient. One example is the amnesic effect. Patients often report they remember very little or even nothing of the dental appointment. There also may be less post-operative soreness due to being sedated or relaxed.

One of the major benefits of sedation dentistry is that people often feel like their dental procedure lasts only a few minutes, when in fact it might have taken hours to perform. Both oral and IV sedation dentistry maintain a level of consciousness in the patient for both safety and communication between the dentist and patient.

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