A Family Dentist Offers Top-Notch Care At Every Age

Family dentist for all members of the family!

Trusting a dentist with your whole family’s oral health is a big thing. It’s a feat to find someone who can take care of your 6-year-old as well as your 96-year-old mother. But you’re in luck! Exceptional Dental is the most reliable family dentist in New Orleans. Schedule an appointment today to get started.

Caring For The Young To The Elderly With A Family Dentist

Many wait until their child is a toddler before bringing them to their first dentist visit. However, many fail to realize that you should bring your child when their first tooth appears. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD), American Dental Association (ADA) and the American Academy of Pediatrics all recommend the first dental visit for children by one year old.

On the other hand, some think if all their teeth fall out, they should stop going to the dentist. But that’s just not true! It’s the opposite actually. Once teeth are removed, the jaw needs to be watched because the space will attempt to close. If the space does close, this will change the shape of your jaw. Because we manage more than your teeth, we ensure your jaw doesn’t change and will fit you with a pair of dentures to help.

Services From A Family Dentist

Dental issues range from minor to extreme and can affect any part of the face. With this in mind, we felt it important that our staff is capable of many different brands of dentistry. Currently, we offer the following services

Any of these services can be helpful for any member of the family. Every location offers different services, so call before to ensure yours can help.

Insurance And Financing

We are happy to process your insurance plans for a more affordable experience. Because insurance is confusing, please call ahead to ask any questions. Due to complex insurance contracts, we can only estimate your coverage but we’ll do our best to give you an idea. 

An additional financing option many choose is using a CareCredit card. CareCredit lets you begin treatment asap and then pay with monthly payments. Exclusively for healthcare, CareCredit is used for services not covered by your insurance. Lastly, you can continue to use the card to pay for services even when your last procedure hasn’t been paid in full. Everyone deserves to be able to go to their family dentist.

Find The Right Family Dentist At Exceptional Dental

Finding the right family dentist is easier than you’d think! All you have to do is call Exceptional Dental. At the current date, we have seven locations open in New Orleans and the surrounding cities.

Have any questions for us? Please feel free to call one of the numbers of the locations above or use our online contact form. Your whole family deserves to be taken care of at one trusted family doctor. Find yourself at an Exceptional Dental today!