How Restorative Dental Services In Marrero Can Improve Your Life

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“Restorative dentistry” is a common term used in the dental field. It can refer to a variety of dental work. But commonly, it refers to procedures that try to restore both form and function of the mouth. Restorative dentistry is for patients with both functional and cosmetic related issues and works to restore their quality of life. Restorative dentistry includes fillings, veneers, crowns, bridges, full and partial dentures, and dental implants.

Let’s Talk About The Types Of Dental Restorations

You have many choices available for repairing worn, decayed, or damaged teeth. This category of dental services can help restore your healthy and beautiful smile back to its former glory. After all, the purpose of restorative dentistry is to help you restore some form or function to your oral system. This could range from filling cavities to full-on tooth replacements. Depending on your oral profile, your dentist might perform one of two types of dental restorations.


Direct tooth restorations involve placing fillings into a cavity. Luckily, direct tooth restorations only take a single visit to your local dentist’s office. Based on the type and location of your cavity. Because your molars as they experience the brunt of all chewing, your dentist might use a metal alloy for fillings. Glass or resin fillings are often used for fillings near the tooth’s root. That’s because these areas aren’t subjected to much pressure from chewing. If you have any questions about your filling material, be sure to ask your dentist.


Indirect tooth restorations involve customized tooth replacements. These take the form of crowns, overlays, or inlays. A crown often covers the chewing surface of a tooth. Doing this gives back chewing power if the tooth was previously damaged. To continue, inlay restorations cover one or more parts of your teeth. This also gives you power back in your bite. The materials used in these procedures help protect your teeth from further damage. They also give you a considerable amount of comfort when it comes to chewing and eating. 

Repair Damaged / Missing / Decayed Teeth

Restorative dentistry is often also referred to as prosthodontics. However you phrase it, prosthodontics’ goal is to preserve natural teeth as much as possible. This goal is attained through dental services like implants, bridges, or dentures. Veneers also fall into this category but are mainly cosmetic in nature. Replacing missing teeth within the oral structure takes stress off of others and gives functionality back to your bite.

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