Hurting? A New Orleans Emergency Dentist Can Help!

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Dental issues are common, but they should not be ignored. If you have a dental issue, it should be addressed quickly. Some can be planned in advance, some require immediate attention. For example, a cavity can probably wait a week or two while you wait for an appointment to open up if need be. However, a cracked tooth is an emergency that requires you to go see a New Orleans emergency dentist immediately.

Exceptional Dental: New Orleans Emergency Dentist

If you are in the Greater New Orleans area and have a need for a New Orleans emergency dentist, then Exceptional Dental is well suited to solve your problem. Regardless of where you are in New Orleans, Exceptional Dental has an emergency dental clinic near you. We have clinics located in:

Each of these locations is prepared to handle your dental emergency issues. If one office in Marrero cannot see you, the other likely can. However, we go to great lengths to ensure that you will be able to attend the dentist office you are accustomed to, if that is important to you.

Same-Day & Saturday Dentist Appointments

If you call Exceptional Dental, we will be able to get you in for a same-day appointment, or if you prefer, a Saturday appointment. We understand the sense of urgency that goes along with dental appointments and we seek to provide solutions instead of excuses.

Patients have consistently expressed their appreciation that we are able to see them on such short notice. We appreciate that those patients came to see us in their hour of need. If you have a need for an emergency dentist in New Orleans, contact us by calling us at 504-229-7990 or making an appointment.