Emergency Dentist in New Orleans Offers Same-Day Appointments

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Exceptional Dental is an emergency dentist in New Orleans that is working to provide the best services possible to our patients. We know that when it comes to an emergency dentist visit, you cannot wait. You might be able to schedule a day or two in advance and wait, but if you could get a same-day appointment, wouldn’t that be better? Would you rather suffer through a few more sleepless nights and painful workdays, or get it fixed later today?

Same-Day Appointments

At Exceptional Dental of Louisiana, we know how important it is to see a dentist immediately. We’ve heard plenty of horror stories concerning patients having to deal with tooth pain for days. So, rather than be content to solve the problem days from now, we’ve created a same-day appointment system that allows emergency dental issues to be dealt with in hours, instead of days.

Don’t Wait Over The Weekend

We’ve also opened up our mid-city New Orleans dentist office for Saturday appointments. Instead of having to wait the whole weekend, take care of your dental emergency as soon as possible. No more waiting or wishing the pain or discomfort will subside. Go see someone in person on a Saturday!

Dental Emergencies

So, what sort of dental emergencies is Exceptional Dental of Louisiana prepared to handle? Really, almost any kind that you could imagine. This includes everything from a cracked tooth or broken brace to an abscess or chipped molar. If it’s just a simple examination or cleaning that you need, but you only have a Saturday availability, we can make that work as well.

Contact An Emergency Dentist in New Orleans Today!

If you need an emergency dentist in New Orleans, get into contact with us as soon as possible. You can request an appointment or call us at (504) 229-7990. If you need a Marrero dentist office or Kenner dentist office for a same-day or Saturday appointment, we can make that happen too.