Dental Insurance: Use It Or Lose It In 2019

Use your insurance before you lose it! Your dental care matters.

Learning about your insurance is always a must. What do you know about your dental insurance? Do you even know if you HAVE dental insurance? Most importantly, does your dental insurance have a maximum and do you have a good amount left for the year? If the answers to the last question are “yes and yes,” but you’re worried about paying a large sum out of pocket—do we ever have a deal for you! Take charge of your dental care and get the help you deserve with us!

What Is A Dental Maximum? 

So what is a “maximum” anyways? In dental insurance, a maximum is the highest amount of money a plan will pay within your benefit period. Once you reach that amount, you will have to pay for any remaining costs. Your plan may also pay for annual—or even biannual—cleanings. Don’t miss that chance to take care of your teeth! 

If you have money left to spend, why are you just letting it sit there? Especially when your teeth need some dental care? Thankfully, Exceptional Dental is here with an offer that’s difficult to turn down.

Take Advantage Of Our Exceptional Dental Care

It would be a shame to lose out on your insurance benefits. But come December 31st, there’s a chance you could lose your benefits! But don’t worry, we have an offer for you.

For the last few months of the year, we’re offering our patients coupons for their procedures. In October, you can get $75 off, $50 off in November, and $25 off in December. This is a limited-time special, so don’t miss out if you’re in need of dental care. There is one use per patient and is applied to the out-of-pocket cost of your appointment. Who doesn’t like saving more money than they planned to? So if you have dental insurance, use it—don’t lose it! 

Other Words To Know

If you’re newer to the insurance world, things can seem pretty odd and hard to understand. Let’s give a short rundown of terms you might need to know.

  • Annual Maximum vs. Lifetime Maximum. Annual maximums are an amount renewing every 12 months. Lifetime maximums offer a certain amount for the life of those enrolled or for the life of the plan itself.
  • Deductible. A deductible is an amount you pay out of pocket before your insurance will cover anything. 
  • Out-of-Network. These are dentists outside your plan. You often spend more out of pocket when visiting these dentists. 

And there’s only more to cover. If you are curious about a word that’s popped up on your policy, check out some more terms and know your policy in and out. 

Trust In Exceptional For Your Dental Care

Want to take advantage of our limited-time coupon? Schedule your appointment with Exceptional Dental before the year is out and save money ASAP! Do you have any questions for our professionals? Call our Mid-City New Orleans location at (504) 900-1195 or send your message to us online. Don’t waste your maximum! Use it or lose it.