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dental clinic in marrero

Summer is a popular time in South Louisiana for treats such as snowballs or a glass of sweet tea, but we all have to be careful at how much we treat ourselves! Along with these delicious choices come loads of sugar, which can weaken our teeth’s ability to fight off cavities or even long-term damage. By visiting your local dental clinic in Marrero twice a year, you are already on your way to keeping that smile healthy and beautiful!

What Can YOU Do?

The first thing you can do to help yourself is have two regular visits to the dentist every year – your dentist will keep an eye on how your oral health progresses. Additionally, you should brush your teeth twice every day; this daily routine will help to keep your enamel consistently clean. Something everyone should do, and oftentimes we say we do it (but many don’t follow through) is floss! We are all guilty of fibbing to the dentist one time or another about how often we floss, and if flossing is a regular part of your brushing routine then you are well on your way to a healthy smile! Finally, many mouthwashes are act as effective cleansers for our mouth to finish off the brushing process by leaving our breath fresh and lifting any last remnants of plaque.

Sometimes we cannot help ourselves but to have that second piece of cake or enjoy that second scoop of chocolate chip ice cream. By making sure we are keeping our mouth clean, we are helping to maintain a daily routine that will keep us from having long-term damages sugary foods can bring.  

It’s Time To Visit Your Local Dental Clinic In Marrero

Your family leads very busy lives, between after-school soccer games or swim practice to dance lessons or possibly even vacations. Summer is a great time to take care of yours and your children’s important check-ups such as the dentist.

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Your oral health is our top priority. At your local Exceptional Dental clinic in Marrero, we specialize in making sure our patients leave with a smile. Contact us today to schedule your next dental appointment. We have two Marrero locations to best serve you.

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