Your Slidell Dentist Offers Cleanings For Kids!

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With school starting for many of our children, August is a perfect time to schedule a visit to your Slidell dentist at Exceptional Dental. Start the new school year with a clean smile! We offer cleanings that follow a prevention plan to make sure our patients have the cleanest and healthiest mouth possible.

Preventive Measures At Your Local Slidell Dentist

We take preventive measures for all sorts of things in our daily lives: We use an oven mitt so we don’t burn ourselves taking a pie out of the oven. We wear a belt so our pants don’t fall down and trip while we’re walking around. Although trivial, these are just some simple examples of habits that help us live better lives. A habit many of us have is to brush and floss your daily, but to make positive you have a clean and healthy mouth, we recommend you visit your local Slidell dentist on a regular basis.

What To Expect At A Cleaning?

During a check-up, your dentist performs a variety of examinations to check for things such as early signs of tooth decay, oral cancer, or even gum disease. Although unlikely in children, the dentist still makes sure everything checks out. In the process, here are a few of the procedures dentists and hygienists perform while cleaning and examining your child’s teeth:

  1. Scrape any tartar off the surface of the teeth with a scaler or similar instrument.
  2. After cleaning the tooth of any buildup, the dentist or hygienist will polish the teeth, making a smoother surface that plaque has trouble settling on.
  3. Finally, the hygienist will finish the cleaning with a healthy flossing.
  4. Examinations begin with the dentist looking around your mouth with a metal probe and a tiny mirror to see any signs of decay, and swollen/red gums.
  5. Often, the dentist will check your bite to make sure everything is aligning evenly.
  6. The dentist will also examine the roof and sides of your mouth for anything peculiar and make certain it’s all healthy.

In addition to cleanings, we also offer x-rays to make sure your child’s teeth aren’t crowding and their permanent teeth are coming in strong.

Schedule Your Child’s Cleaning Today!

At Exceptional Dental, we love helping families’ mouths be healthier and improving everyone’s oral hygiene. The school year is a great time to get back in the habit of cleaning and preventing oral problems. Contact our Slidell dentist office today at 985-643-2616 or fill out this contact form to learn more about our cleaning and preventive offerings.