Where To Find Dental Implants In Metairie

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What’s one thing you see everyday, take care of everyday, and hope to always have? This is no riddle, it’s your smile! Your smile is one of the first things people will see and can make or break a first impression. Your smile is a part of your personality; it’s part of what makes you, you! But emergencies happen and sometimes dental procedures are necessary. Exceptional Dental is your go-to team of professionals for dental implants in Metairie. Here, your smile is our #1 priority!  

We’ve outlined a few of our frequently asked questions for your convenience.

Why Are Dental Implants In Metairie So Important?

Patients need dental implants for a number of reasons, but the overarching goal is to maintain good oral health. When anyone loses teeth, you can also lose confidence – dental implants can help you to regain that confidence. Another important reason for implants is for functionality of your mouth. You will regain the ability to chew and be able to eat almost anything, much like you used to. Without replacement of lost teeth, chewing and regular mouth functions could knick or create problems for other surrounding teeth in the process.

Is The Procedure Painful?

Dental procedures are almost always going to be slightly uncomfortable, but our friendly team of dentists will go through every possible precaution to make sure you feel the least amount of discomfort during the process. We understand our patients will be nervous undergoing procedures such as this, but you can trust we will help you feel comfortable.

Will My New Teeth Look Natural?

Here’s the best part: yes! Dental implants paired with Exceptional Dental’s restorative dentistry will exceed all your expectations. The look and feel of the implants will be very natural and you will likely not be able to feel any difference from your normal teeth!

Am I A Good Candidate For Dental Implants?

Your dentist will be your best option to fully evaluate your oral health to be able to determine if you’re a good candidate for dental implants. If you are missing teeth for a reason due to tooth decay, disease or some injury, talk to your dentist to schedule an appointment soon.  

Contact Exceptional Dental For Your Dental Implants Today!

Although your teeth were created to last forever, sometimes they don’t. If you are in need of any dental implants in Metairie, look no further than Exceptional Dental. Our company name says it all: you can expect an exceptional experience, no matter the case. Contact us today at (504) 733-1135 or fill out this contact form to learn more information about the procedure. You’re in good hands at Exceptional Dental.