What Do You Know About Teeth?

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How Much Do You Know About Your Teeth?

We use our teeth every day to bite, chew, and chomp, but how much do you actually know about them? Teeth are fascinating in and of themselves. From the second we are born our teeth are constantly changing. Learn more from you dental clinic in New Orleans.

Why Do We Lose Our Teeth?

Did you know humans have two sets of teeth throughout their lives—baby and adult teeth? Baby teeth are referred to as milk teeth and don’t start showing up until you’re around 6 months old. Starting around this age, we go through the long and painful process of teething. This marks the time in our lives we’re able to start eating solid foods and begin learning how to speak. It takes about two years for all 20 baby teeth to fully emerge. 

As toddlers turn into children their jaw expands to meet their needs for food consumption. To accommodate this change, baby teeth become loose and fall out. The roots of baby teeth are very small and thin. As the permanent teeth begin to develop, the roots of the baby teeth begin to reabsorb back into the body and eventually disappear. This releases the baby teeth and paves the way for permanent teeth to begin to emerge. Once all your permanent teeth emerge, you will have 32 pearly white teeth.

Types Of Teeth

By the time someone turns 13, they more than likely will have all 32 of those permanent teeth. The last teeth to come in are called wisdom teeth. These show up in the late teens or early twenties. Even though you have 32 different teeth in your mouth, there are only 4 different types of teeth.

  • Canine: These teeth are located directly below your eye sockets. Canine teeth play important roles in eating, speaking, maintaining the shape of the lips and guiding the other teeth into position.They help tear food into bite-sized pieces as well as assist you with pronouncing words. 
  • Incisors: These are the four front teeth on the top and bottom of your mouth. Their primary function is to cut up food into smaller bits. Incisors have a single root and a sharp incisal edge. 
  • Bicuspid (Premolars): These teeth are located behind the canines and are responsible for crushing up food particles. There are eight premolars in your mouth, two on each side top and bottom.
  • Molars: Typically people have three molars on each side of their mouth on both the top and bottom. These 12 teeth are designed to grind food. Although, some people do not fully develop the third molars. Third molars are often referred to as wisdom teeth.

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