Fun Animal Teeth Facts From Your Emergency Dentist in Kenner

This year is flying by really fast! It’s already March and April is coming up pretty soon. Speaking of which, did you know that April is National Pet Month? That got us thinking—if you take a look at animal teeth, how different are they? What animal has the most teeth? Which has none? There are so many animals, there have to be even more teeth to discuss. At Exceptional Dental, we’re more than your average emergency dentist in Kenner. While we don’t actually treat animal teeth, we always love learning interesting things!

Our Favorite Animal Dental Facts

While we cannot mention every animal—and their teeth—in one blog post, we did want to mention some of the most interesting. Take a look! You’ll probably be as surprised as we were.

  • As residents of Louisiana, we’re familiar with our alligators. But how well do you actually know them? Did you know these big reptilians have hollow teeth? And often, the bigger ones have another inside, waiting for the outer to break. That way, the gator isn’t struggling to hold onto their food. Way to go evolution!
  • Speaking of hollow teeth, did you know most snake fangs are hollow? These teeth act almost like needles. Depending on the type of snake, however, these fangs can be hollow, closed, curved, or not there at all. Every species is a little different.
  • Some animals do just fine without teeth. From the smallest salamander to even the huge blue whale. As far as whales go, they have bristle-like fibers instead of teeth. These bristles comb through the water for their food source: tiny krill.
  • Sharks are known for their numerous teeth. They have rows and rows that are constantly regrowing for their entire lives. However, despite their prolific grin, they are not the creature with the most teeth at one time. The answer will probably surprise you! On average, garden snails have around 14,000 teeth in their tiny mouths. That’s enough teeth for more than four hundred humans!

There are so many more animals out there—each with their own dental story! Tell us about your favorite animal’s teeth next time you come into the office. As your choice emergency dentist in Kenner, we’re happy to serve you—and learn from you!

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