How To Get Affordable Dental Implants in Metairie

affordable dental implants in metairie

Many things make you smile every day. Maybe it’s your favorite song, your grandchildren’s voices, or a friend’s phone. Despite it being just two lips and about 32 teeth, your smile the gateway to the things you enjoy most in life. Affordable dental implants in Metairie don’t have to be mythical–Exceptional Dental offers them!

Missing a tooth from decay, injury or disease is common. You shouldn’t be ashamed or intimidated about fixing it. With our dental implants, you can smile, laugh, and eat like you would with natural teeth. Read on for a brief outline of what to expect from dental implants and where to get them in Metairie.  

Why Get Dental Implants?

Dental implants maintain the integrity and beauty of your smile. We want you to confidently enjoy your life! Here are three more reasons to consider dental implants:

  • Never Worry Again: Implants are affordable, comfortable and permanent. Since they’re affixed, there are no expensive parts to lose. In most cases, your smile will be set for life!
  • Look Better: Missing teeth can cause the jaw to sag, making you look older. Dental implants stop this process when bridges and dentures can’t.  
  • Keep Your Healthy Teeth: Unlike bridges, dentists do not need to grind any teeth to place a dental implant. Your natural teeth surrounding the implant can stay intact.

Affordable Dental Implants In Metairie

We understand that getting an implant can seem intimidating and complicated. That’s why the staff at Exceptional Dental will review your unique treatment plan with you. You’ll also work with the same dentist throughout the entire process, regardless of which procedure you choose. And all at an affordable price.  Exceptional Dental’s state-of-the-art procedure places most implants in one session. You’ll save time and money on additional surgery visits. Some patients even report returning to work as soon as the next day.   

Your Go-To Metairie Dentist

Exceptional Dental has treated more than one million patients throughout Louisiana (yes, a MILLION). We’re proud to be your neighbors in Metairie. Three exceptional dental surgeons work at our Metairie location: Darrell Bourg, Alice Ho, and Nicole Russo. When you’re ready, they can meet with you for a free implant consultation (a $100 value). Call (504) 733-1135 or fill out our contact form to ask us questions or schedule an appointment.

Work With Us

From regular cleanings to cosmetic procedures, Exceptional Dental can help you with all your dental needs. Whether you’re looking for affordable dental implants in Metairie or any of our others five locations throughout the New Orleans area, we will keep you and your family smiling through all life’s special moments.