Here, There, Dental Care

dental care

Some people have mixed “fillings” about getting their teeth cleaned. But there are a number of reasons why teeth cleaning can save your life. Now that’s something to sink your teeth into. We want to “enamel” you to have the teeth you deserve. With locations all across the New Orleans area and beyond, we’re there whenever you’re in need of dental care!

Nothing But The Tooth

At Exceptional Dental, we believe that our patients deserve to feel like a king without a crown. Molar-chy aside, your dental care is our priority. That’s why we feel our patients should know the major dangers of not cleaning their teeth.

  • The biggest threat around is gum disease, also known as periodontal disease. This is a broad term, “en-flossing” various other diseases. Most—if not all—of these diseases can easily be prevented with proper dental care. You ”perio-don’t” want to deal with this.
  • Tooth loss can happen to anyone at any age. Gum disease and cavities have the biggest hand in this. However, both of these are preventable with proper dental care. Genetics do have a small hand in cavities, but overall, they’re a danger and possibility to all.
  • Serious illness. While this is mostly in extreme cases, the bacteria in your mouth could make you horribly sick. In the long run, dental care is about more than just the mouth.
  • Bad breath. Less life-threatening, but still as serious to some. Bacteria build up can give a person a serious bad breath. If left long enough, this can be difficult to erase entirely.

We know that everyone groans when it’s time to visit your dentist. But there’s no need to brace yourself. Dentists never plan to turn you “plaque” and blue. Your care is our priority. In some cases, taking the chance to clean your teeth could even make you appear younger. Almost like you visited the “Fountain of Tooth.” That’s why it’s always important to keep up with your dental health, in and outside the office.

We Know The Drill When It Comes To Dental Care

The naked “tooth” is that Exceptional Dental has the best dental care in New Orleans. Have a few more questions? No big. You can always contact us or call us from here. If you can’t call, there’s no hard fillings. Although, if you’ve made a decision, go ahead and make an appointment with us. We’re open from morning ‘til night and you can make your appointment for whatever time is best for you. That way you can come by for lunch and be back at work by tooth-hurty. No matter when or where you need us, Exceptional Dental has your back. In pain or not, sit back and let us do what we do best. Trust us, we know the drill.