Get Your Teeth Cleaned By A Slidell Dentist

Get your teeth checked by a Slidell dentist!

Every few months it gets to be that time again… time to get your teeth cleaned! However, if you brush each day, what’s the point of getting these regular cleanings? There are a few, very important reasons. Taking the time to clean your teeth not only helps you now, but helps you in the future. To that end, stop by Exceptional Dental today to see a Slidell dentist about cleaning your teeth.

Services From A Slidell Dentist

Exceptional Dental offers an array of cleaning and prevention services for our patients. Among these, we offer:

  • X-Rays: It may not be obvious at first, but x-rays are vital to the prevention of dental disease. A Slidell dentist can see valuable information with these that they cannot see in a regular exam. With the use of dental x-rays, we can detect:
    • Abscesses
    • Bone loss
    • Cancerous tumors
    • Development abnormalities
    • And much more!
  • Exams and Cleanings: Currently, we address our patients’ cleaning and prevention needs in the following ways:
    • Dental Exams: These are the regular check-up exams that we all know and love. Our dentists will do a quick x-ray, cancer screening, gum disease evaluation, exam any tooth decay, and inspect any crowns or fillings you may have.
    • Professional Dental Cleaning: This involves a dental exam and plaque and tartar removal.
    • Teeth Polishing: This is to remove any stains or plaque that were missed during cleaning.
  • Home Care: A healthy smile is a two-way street. We need our patients to treat their teeth with the same respect we give them. There are three specific, well-known treatments that you can do at home.
    • Brushing your teeth: We suggest our patients brush their teeth twice a day with an ADA-approved, soft-bristle brush and toothpaste. Exceptional especially recommends the use of electronic brushes.
    • Flossing: We know dentists often tell you to floss more. Accordingly, flossing does more than you’d think! Getting rid of debris like leftover food or plaque prevents bone loss in the future.
    • Rinsing: It’s important that you rinse with water. Especially after each brushing or meal. This is to remove all food particles from your mouth.

Importance Of Cleanings And Prevention

Cleaning your teeth is a two-way street. Unfortunately, we cannot clean your teeth every day. So, between our visits, it’s up to you! With a balanced diet and good oral hygiene, you can do your part on the path of protection. Trust us when we say it all pays off in the long run. Without proper care, your teeth can suffer damage that was entirely preventable.

Contact A Slidell Dentist

Getting your teeth cleaned is a part of general oral health. So why not go see a Slidell Dentist? Our Slidell location stands out with its bright yellow color, so be sure to look out for us. The hours for this location run from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Thursday and 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Friday. To call ahead and schedule an appointment, please call at 985-643-2616. Additionally, if you’d rather schedule online, please do so here. For high-quality dental care, call Exceptional Dental today!