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For most, cavities and tooth decay are a fear we all face at some point in our lives. They’re often portrayed as little demons stabbing and chipping away at your teeth—and that’s not far from the truth. But, to stop these monsters in their tracks, procedures like fillings can keep our teeth looking and feeling better than before. Although, what do you really know about the material used in your teeth? Find out more about your fillings from a trustworthy dentist in Denham Springs.

How Many Different Types Of Fillings Are There?

With the evolution of science, medical procedures have advanced far enough that you can even have different kinds of filling material these days. 

  • Cast Gold: These are made from a cast of your original tooth and then applied after the decay is removed.
  • Silver (Amalgams): Durable and well-known, silver fillings are only silver in color. In actuality, they are a mixture of many types of metal.
  • Composite: These materials are newer to the field, but can closely resemble the actual color of your teeth. That way, if you’re self-conscious about metal fillings, it’s an excellent way to hide the work.

There are more options—such as ceramic and glass ionomer—but these are not used as often by dentists. Ask your dentist in Denham Springs which option is the best for you.

What’s The Difference Between A Filling And Root Canal?

As both of these procedures are meant to remove decay, they fulfill similar purposes. But a root canal is a more serious procedure. For a root canal to be necessary, the cavity needs to have penetrated the roots of the tooth. When it does this, the dentist needs to get into the center of the tooth to halt the decay. If left the way it is, the tooth could decay from the inside out and crumble in your mouth.

How Long Do Fillings Last?

Your teeth are imperative to daily life. Who has the time to go in every other year to replace their fillings? Luckily, this isn’t necessary. Your fillings last a long time—up to 15 years!

How Are Fillings Done?

The process may seem daunting, but it’s much milder than you might think. The filling process begins with numbing the surrounding gum with anesthesia. Those shots are the hardest part of the procedure. After, the dentist drills out the decay and replaces it with the filling of choice. Depending on your kind of filling, there may be an extra step or two. Simple, right? And it only takes a few minutes to perform. Perhaps they seemed like they took much longer when you were a child, but everything seems longer when we were kids, right? Either way—don’t worry. Our dentist in Denham Springs is there to help you feel better.

Treat Your Teeth With A Trustworthy Dentist in Denham Springs

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