Dentist in Metairie For Dental Implants

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Not every dental office is equipped to handle dental implant procedures. It is a complicated procedure that requires specialization. However, a dentist in Metairie offers dental implants services. Exceptional Dental’s office on Clearview Parkway in Metairie is able to handle a variety of dental issues, including emergency dentistry, root canal therapy, tooth whitening, exams and cleanings, etc. But, they specialize in dental implants for patients.

Free Dental Implants Consultation

If you can find a dentist in Metairie that is going to offer you a better deal than that, you should take it. Right now, Exceptional Dental in Metairie is offering a free dental implants consultation in order to figure out whether patients are the right fit for this procedure.

Not only that, but we offer a complimentary 3-D imaging CT scan with the implant consultation. This gives the dentist a better idea of

What is a free dental implant consultation? Exceptional Dental’s free dental implants consultation is a $100 value. Our specialists will meet with patients to ensure that they understand why dental implants are or are not the right procedure for them.

Why Dental Implants?

Dental implants are a more permanent solution that dentures. And they’re a more realistic solution than just continuing to live without the teeth a person needs in order to function properly. We get many patients who ask why they should go for dental implants. The fact is that dental implants not only offer a more permanent and natural-looking solution to replacing teeth, but they can also fix face/jaw shape in a way that dentures or other alternatives cannot.

See Our Dentist in Metairie

Our dentists in Metairie are eager to help you resolve your dental issues, whatever they look like. It might be that dental implants are a good fit or it might be that they aren’t. Either way, we want to ensure that you, the patient, are fully informed about your options.  If you’re interested in learning more, make an appointment now!