4 Problems You Can Avoid by Getting a Tooth Replacement

Missing teeth can be caused by a variety of reasons, including genetics, physical trauma, gum disease, and age. Often, people suffering from it also experience physical and emotional problems. If you feel that tooth loss has been affecting your dental health and overall well-being, consult a specialist for possible missing teeth replacement options. Read on to find out the different issues you could avoid through proper treatment.

Bone Loss

Having missing teeth can affect your jawbone mass. This is because it needs proper stimulation from chewing to be preserved. Without enough pressure from chewing, the bone will start to degenerate. This could lead to at least a 25% decrease in mass during the first year. Bone loss will continue to persist in the succeeding years without proper treatment.

Speech and Eating Difficulties

Missing teeth can cause discomfort when biting or chewing. This is especially true for tough foods like meat, nuts, and apples. It can also prevent you from enjoying your meals and having good nutrition because of a limited diet.

Losing multiple teeth can also affect one’s speaking abilities. It can make pronouncing certain words increasingly difficult, especially those pronounced from the front of the mouth, between the upper teeth, and the lower lip. These include words with the “th” sound, like “three.”

Change in Facial Features

The decrease in jawbone mass from tooth loss can cause drastic changes to your facial features like sagging and drooping of the skin. Your lips may also appear thinner with the lack of support from teeth. By opting to get your teeth replaced by a specialist, you can avoid these signs of premature aging.

Loss of Confidence

Tooth loss can cause a decrease in self-esteem for many people. Some individuals avoid social situations to hide their missing teeth. This can affect other areas of their life, such as work and relationships.

Wear Your Smile with Confidence!

At Exceptional Dental of LA, we prioritize our patients’ individual dental needs. There’s nothing we want more than to see you flaunt your smile with confidence. Our specialists will give you an accurate diagnosis and discuss the missing teeth replacement options you can explore. Some of these treatments include dental implants, bridges, dentures, crowns, and more. To learn more about our services, call us or schedule an appointment today.