10 Reasons To Be Thankful For Your New Orleans Dentist

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Since you might dread going to the dentist, it can be a stretch to think of reasons why you’re thankful. But grin and bear it with us, there’s so much to appreciate about your dentist in New Orleans.

Thank Your Dentist

  1. Comfort: Expected pain and discomfort might tempt you to avoid the dentist. We understand! One big thing to be thankful for? Sedation. Administered orally or through an IV, sedation can take the pain and anxiety out of a visit. Side effects are minimal. It’s worth talking to your dentist about it!
  2. Regain Your Smile: Age, decay, and previous bad dental work can take the shine out of your smile. But the good news is that you CAN restore its natural beauty. Restoration can improve the appearance of your teeth. It can also improve your bite and chewing. Find a dentist who will take the time to go over all your options. You’ll be thankful you did.
  3. Healthy Gums: Healthy gums lead to healthier teeth. Your New Orleans dentist can offer treatment for periodontal disease. Proper care can ensure your gums are a solid foundation for your choppers. Treatment of your gums can help alleviate bleeding gums, loose teeth, and even bad breath. That’s definitely something to appreciate.
  4. Straighten up: Orthodontics can give patients a smile to be proud of. They also can fix bite issues, jaw problems, and even headaches. Options are better than ever before. In addition to traditional braces, you can choose from custom-made, clear removables. Many patients are grateful to be able to fix their smiles without any metal in their mouths.
  5. Peace Of Mind: Sometimes, emergencies happen. Teeth can chip from flying Mardi Gras beads. Crowns can come out on a sticky praline. Toothaches can prevent you from cheering on the Saints. You need emergency dental care. Get an appointment within 24 hours so you can start feeling better as soon as possible.
  6. Replace What You’ve Lost: Dental implants can replace teeth lost to decay, disease, and trauma. Implants can look natural while being incredibly strong. And by strong, we mean titanium-strong!    
  7. Be Confident: Maybe your teeth are healthy, but you wish they looked better. Bring some confidence back into your smile with cosmetic dentistry. Options include whitening, reshaping, and correcting alignments
  8. Keep Your Teeth Healthy: Cleanings and prevention are the foundation of oral health. Services include regular exams, cleanings, and x-rays. Prevention can save you money in the long run by warding off decay and catching issues early. Saving future money and hassle? We’d be grateful for that!
  9. Convenience: Multiple locations mean patients can find one near them. Find the one closest to your home. With all the traffic in the Greater New Orleans area, you’ll appreciate a shorter drive! Find the one closest to your home. Or, you could go to the one closest to your office for easy workday appointments.
  10. Experience: We mean experience in two ways here. One, you want a positive, friendly experience when you go to the dentist. And two, you want an experienced and knowledgeable staff. Look for an office that can provide comprehensive treatment and state-of-the-art procedures.

Keeping New Orleans Smiling

Exceptional Dental is ready and waiting to help smiles like yours. Contact us with questions or make an appointment online. As for what we’re thankful for? We feel blessed to serve the New Orleans area and its amazing residents. Be thankful for your New Orleans dentist…because we’re thankful for you!