Dental Implant Maintenance: What You Need To Know


Dental implants are an excellent tooth replacement option if you have missing teeth. Besides lasting longer than other dental solutions, they’re also more comfortable and natural-looking.

Although dental implants don’t require extensive care like other dental prostheses, proper care and maintenance are still crucial. Doing so not only prevents potential damage but also helps avoid complications, such as bleeding and infections. Read on to learn how to take care of your dental implants properly.

  • Proper Brushing 

Cleaning your dental implants is similar to how you brush your natural teeth. So, it’s essential to brush your teeth at least twice a day or after every meal. But, there are certain measures you should add to your routine to ensure proper care is given to your implants.

One of them is switching to a soft-bristled toothbrush. It’s best to use one with extra soft bristles since hard bristles may irritate the gums around the dental implant when you brush your teeth. Besides that, opting for a gentle, non-abrasive toothpaste is also ideal. Using this will prevent scratches or damage to your artificial teeth, which might cause oral discomfort.

  • Proper Flossing

Flossing helps remove food, bacteria, and plaque in between your teeth. So, despite being overlooked at times, flossing your teeth is crucial in maintaining proper oral hygiene. You can use regular floss or floss picks for your dental implants. Another option is water flossers, which are excellent for hard-to-reach areas, including implants placed further in your mouth.

  • Regular Dental Checkups

Scheduling an appointment with your dentist every 6 months is beneficial for your dental implants. Besides getting professional dental cleaning services, routine checkups allow your dentist to monitor your implant’s condition. With this, any potential oral health issues may be addressed and remedied before they get worse.

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