Is It Safe To Sleep With Dentures?


Dentures are an effective dental solution to replacing missing teeth caused by injury, old age, or gum disease. Aside from restoring a person’s smile, they also allow the ease of natural mouth functions. So, proper care and maintenance of your dentures are crucial.

While handling your dental prostheses carefully and brushing them every day is helpful, not everyone knows you shouldn’t sleep with dentures. There are many negative effects of wearing them overnight. Here are some of them:

  • Sore Gums

Wearing dentures puts a lot of pressure on your gums. Besides being among the most sensitive tissues in your body, together with the jawbone, they also help keep your false teeth in place. Because of this, it’s important to remove your dentures at night and let your gums rest, or else they will become inflamed.

  • Accelerated Resorption and Bone Loss

Resorption is the loss of bone volume and density, which causes jawbone deterioration. This condition is sped up when there’s constant pressure on your palate and jaw, which happens overnight when you wear your dentures. Aside from changing your facial appearance, jawbone loss may also loosen your dentures, requiring refitting overtime.

  • Increased Health Risks

Prolonged use of your dentures allows bacteria, such as yeast to build up in your mouth. Because of this, sleeping without taking them out puts you at risk of a mouth infection called stomatitis. Denture stomatitis is more common in people who wear full upper dentures. Here, you will notice the roof of your mouth where your dentures are is red and swollen.

Another condition you may be at risk of is pneumonia. Sleeping with dentures makes it difficult to swallow saliva. So, the fluids that build up may potentially get into your lungs, causing a chest infection. You can lessen this health risk by remembering to take out your dentures before bed.

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