How Do I Get Used to New Dentures?

Read on to find out how to get used to new dentures and what to expect when you get them.

Dentures are a common tooth replacement solution. They restore a person’s smile and lessen difficulties in speaking and chewing. But getting used to dentures can be quite challenging especially if it’s your first time. In case you’re having them soon, prepare yourself better by learning what to expect and how to get used to them.

What To Expect With New Dentures

Whether you have partial or full dentures, it will take some time for your gums and teeth to get used to them. So, it’s normal to experience a few issues early on.

For the first weeks, you may experience difficulty in eating and talking. You can address these by practicing your speech and eating soft foods during this time. Aside from those, you may also experience increased salivation, sore spots, or gum irritation. Although these discomforts are normal, visit your dentist immediately if you experience any unusual or prolonged pain.

Tips on Getting Used to New Dentures

Getting used to dentures may take up to 4 weeks or more, depending on your condition. You can prevent and minimize any discomfort through these tips:

  • Avoid hard foods

Starting with soft foods like mashed potatoes or pudding will prevent pressure on your new dentures. To help with the healing process and limit the discomfort, it’s best to avoid eating hard foods like tough meat, apples, and corn on a cob.

  • Cut food into small pieces

If you ease into eating solid food, you should chew carefully. Cutting your food into small pieces and taking small bites help with the adjustment.

  • Do not skip dental visits

Always go to your follow-up checkups. This ensures any issues are addressed, and needed adjustments are made.

Reach Out to Exceptional Dental of LA

Learning what to expect from getting new dentures will help you during the adjustment period. If you need more information on getting dentures or for your other dental needs, reach out to a trusted professional. Contact Exceptional Dental of LA at one of our locations to learn more about our dental services.